Limited Time

First Love

Love unfolds in the most unexpected places, where hearts meet and stories begin!🫶🏻💖✨ Introducing the First Love Crepe inspired by the latest pink vivo V29 5G, our first love in the world of technology— a journey that will captivate your soul!🌷Launching today 29 Nov, in conjunction with the vivo v29 5G launch , now available at all Vanilla Crepe outlets!

Our Crêpes


Your bite of heaven in the form of deliciously sweet apple cubes with caramel sauce and a hint of coffee.

Milo Kaw Kaw

Everyone’s favorite chocolate flavored malted powdered made into the perfect cake.

Kit Kat Lover

No amount of chocolate covered wafer balls will ever be enough.

Caramel Craze

A perfect balance of sweet and salty gooey caramel sauce paired with perfectly toasted almond nuts.

Made by Hand
with Love

Our 30 layer crepes have won hearts of people all over and maintained the classic yet exquisite taste through the use of an original French recipe but homegrown in Malaysia.

WaNangka Forever

A very strong fruity odor and a sweet layer of nangka flesh

We Collaborate

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Vanilla Crepe also provides its own delivery option to customer to ensure you can get a crepe anytime anywhere!